My husbands friend walked in.

Me and my husband attended a friends wedding recently, Lots of our old friends were there, we had a blast at the reception and afterward went back to the friends place who we were staying with, my husband and I were staying downstairs on a fold out couch.
Everyone was quite drunk and we were feeling a bit frisky so we started fooling around, Soon we were getting busy, We were being quiet enough that we didn't think we would get caught but apparently we were wrong, My husband was on top of me, My legs wrapped around him with my feet crossed on his butt, I had left my heels on for his benefit, I was pretty into it and had my eyes closed just enjoying my husband, I opened my eyes and his best friend who I have known for the entire 18 years we have been together was standing at the doorway which was where my bum was pointed, I panicked and put my feet down, Covered my b**** and tried to squeeze my thighs together, My husband didn't stop but slowed down, My husbands friend walked up, Looked at my p**** with my husband still in me, Smiled at us, swayed back and forth then stumbled away.
They have a walkout basement and he walked out the basement door into the backyard and was gone, My husband and I both burst out laughing and my husband said "What the f*** was that", We both laughed, Pulled the covers over us and went back to what we were doing, When we were done we went to bed and in the morning my husband went outside for a smoke, He came back and said he found his best friend passed out in a patio chair, He told me he woke him up and he didn't even know how he got out there, My husband said he asked if he remembered walking in on us and he was shocked, He said he doesn't and I really hope he was telling the truth.
If he does remember it he saw everything, My husband likes the lights on and I had agreed to leave the lamp on in hopes to speed up the process for him since he was pretty drunk and I didn't want it to take forever.

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  • Wudv been better if u we're doing doggy or if u we're sitting ontop

  • If this friend ever raises the matter again, just say you're 'OK' with it, and that it made you feel 'closer' to him...

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