My first virgin

My wife and I have a wonderful relationship. Married for over 20 years we have been through ups and downs but never have we stopped loving each other. Both of us are are college professors at a local university and have enjoyed a long and successful career. A few weeks ago as we were eating dinner I could tell something was bothering her. After a few moments she gathered her nerve and told me that she had an affair. It happened last year with another professor at a week long seminar that she spoke at. I was stunned but listened to her explain everything. She said it was the only time she was unfaithful and she doesn't even know why she did it. It was just one of those crazy impulsive things that people succumb to form time to time. We went to therapy together and in time I forgave her and we simply went forward. One night she said that the guilt was killing her and she would only feel better if I had an affair to make things even. I refused but she kept on insisting. We were drinking some wine and both us were kind of tipsy and during the course of her berating me I let a secret slip out. I had met my wife in college and she was only the third women I had ever been with. Neither of us were virgins back then so untold her that the only thing I regretted is that I had never been with a virgin before. She was shocked and gave me a hard time about it. A few days went by and I came home late from clas one night . It was Friday so it wasn't unusual for me to come home to find my wife had ordered some take out, had a fireplace lit and candles. When I rounded the corner to the dining room I saw my wife serving wine to a beautiful young women. My wife introduced her as Elizabeth and I sat down and we all chatted as we ate. At the end of the meal my wife smiled and told me the real reason that Elizabeth was here. My wife laid out the rules for the night. Elizabeth is a virgin and she has agreed to have s** with you. My wife explained. I have not paid her or corerced her. I simply explained our situation to her after she came to me for advice about sleeping with men. She continued. If you do not sleep with her I will leave you. I cannot bear the guilt of my indiscretion any longer . If you do this it will save our marriage and fulfill your regret. I confirmed all of this with Elizabeth and after looking at her for the past hour I could already feel my c*** getting hard. She was very beautiful with a young hard body. She was kind of shy but confident. We simply got up from the table and went into the downstairs guest bedroom. We sat down on the edge of the bed and she asked me how we start. I leaned in and kissed her full lips softly . What followed was a natural response between us. Lots of kissing and fondleing. I am an older man but have kept myself in good shape with an above average c***. Elizabeth was nervous but we soon got into it smoothly. I did everything to turn her on. I gave her excellent oral s** , took time her hit all of her erogenous zones. Since she was virgin I didn't expect a b****** but evidently this girl wasn't so innocent. She gave me really good head for several minutes. Just watching her beautiful face and feeling her full lips engulfing my throbbing c*** I thought I would explode. I pulled the comdom on and laid on my back. I told her it would be easier and less painful for her if she got on top to control penetration. She climbed on top and as her large firm b****** dangled inches from my face , she began lowering herself into my c***. She moaned softly as she gently impaled her wet p**** with my swollen c***. Her young p**** was so tight and soft. It took her several minutes to get all of it inside her but once she did she really got wild. She rocked back and forth quickly and bounced up and down. My hands griped her firm ass cheeks as I met her movements with firm deep thrusts. I was lost in extasty as I ran my hands all over her young body. As we rolled over the bed having fantastic s** I could feel my load building. She lay on her back with her legs over my shoulders as I thrusted quick and hard. I softly kissed her sexy toes as I exploded into the condom. It was the most amazing multiple o****** I had ever had. She went to the bathroom to clean up and I noticed the blood on the sheets. I finally had a virgin thanks to my wonderful wife.

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  • The only virgin that I've ever rammed with is my daughter. She was 8 at the time.

  • You should have taken your virgin bare back. Keep doing her

  • She never cheated on you. She was setting you up. You got to have s** with somebody else, now she is going to also, and she already knows who it is. Probably more than one guy too.

  • Yep!

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