I worry can I really do dental assisting well

There is a real skill and years ago I think I would not have questioned my confidence to do the tasks practical etc now I worry because its a sad fact that as I have got older I skim and scan over a lot and like written material in courses etc that is not cluttered and confusing. I seem to struggle with navigating some websites and I think people must think " gee she is dumb" and I over look a lot of detail I never used to, its like I am always in a hurry to get through work and my eyes and I practice eye exercises long before I had eye problems and I get my glasses soon. but I wish I was more clever and more confident. I think for some people as they age and they have lacked some essential growing experiences you begin to question "can I do that" I was always like that with science stuff. never really sure of my science skills and knowledge or learning ability and sometimes I wish I had a private tutor to sit and help me, but I guess that is just being lazy. I have confidence in myself for a lot of things but not as much in dental and science and I worry.

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  • Youl be fine giv dentist p****

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