Married women

Secretly , I live among you. I'm the guy that every husband fears. Every day I'm awake before dawn , working out , meditating and keeping myself in peak physical performance. While the husbands of the world put on their suits , wrap that belt around their middle aged stomachs and head off to their corporate jobs. They die a little more on the inside each day while they trade their souls for a paycheck. I own a fitness studio in the heart of one of the wealthiest suburbs on the planet. My clients are professional athletes , triathlon nuts and hot , rich married women. I love married women. Especially those who have kids. Every once in awhile I'll get lucky and hook up with one who just had a baby and is trying to work off those pregnancy pounds. I love when they are still lactating. I don't go for the flashy b****** who are more fake than plastic. I like the timid ordinary ones. Those are the real freaks. I love the hunt. The seduction. These women don't feel confident or happy or fulfilled in their lives. They want more. They want something out of a romance novel. Something that seems unattainable , yet I deliver their every fantasy. I'm the guy that is insanely good looking. Awesome body , charming , passoianate and who seems out of reach for the typical house wife. I have a thick , healthy and big c***. Not too big to be painful. I've been told I have the perfect sized c***. I romance every women to the point that when I get them in the sack they worship my body. I drive them so crazy that they will do anything I ask. One by one I pluck them from their hum drum lives and give them everything their heart desires. I never break up marriages , that I know of , I simply give them what their husbands can't. I worship them and give them the confidence and self esteem they have always fantiszied about. I love married women. So husbands beware. I may be coming after yours.

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  • And so does your mouth

  • Not to big to be painful u f****** idiot vaginas stretch babies come out of that s*** what a f****** loserrrr u r

  • Of course married ppl are likely to cheat they've been f****** the Same person for years even if ur a rockstar f*** ur still gonna want some different tail

  • Dude get over yourself that's pretty much most guys ....

  • To all husbands: No worries, he is doing noble services to your wives.

  • Yours could be a very dangerous pastime... be careful.

  • That all sounds great until you run into a husband like me. I found out my wife had a guy on the side and my friend and I followed him out of a pub on Saturday night and beat him into a coma outside his car. keep going for those married wives and your turn will come.

  • Well the best thing is that when they get what they haven't been getting, they respect the giver as well as the gift! Stay harmless friends, stay neat and clean, keep loving it!

  • Im crazy bout yummy married mummies best feling n world to erupt n her lovely p****

  • Where are you ? I could do with someone just like you to come over and do things that my husband would never even think about doing to me. No limits at all and the dirtier the better 😆

  • Hit me up andraebrown1@hotmail

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