Nurse wanking patients

I am a single nurse with a boy friend only 22 but work in a large City hospital, I love my job and assisting patients however occassionally we have young studs come in with both hands hurt and need assistance peeing or going to the toilet the back end is always left to the male nurses but I love helping them with the front I assist them going into the bowl and ensure I have a little squeeze and w*** mostly they get hard, usually after a while they will ask me to w*** them, we have an older single nurse on night shift that is prepared to satisfy $50 for a b******* and $25 for hand, we get $10 to $15 spotters fee recent;ly one stud spent $250 so I think this is sort of like a work place bonus, everyone appears quite happy and we don't mind helping our patients

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  • This is fantasy hospital idiot.

  • Good job?

    What hospital is this? I have to go there sometime!
    I don't expect you to tell us your name, just the name of the hospital. You could still be anyone out of hundreds of nurses there...

  • Oops, that should have been an exclamation mark at the end of "Good job!"

  • Great girl

  • What a fantastic added hospital service you all are to be congratulated however I really think you should expend this to all male patients but then again you might not have enough willing nurses to cover the workload, in particular I would like you to give the older guys the opportunity for satisfaction and would certainly hope that discounts are given by age, all in all a great initiative

  • Even I would like to come.
    Where is it?

  • U r doing a very charitable service like mother treasa

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