In the Line of Duty

I'm a Staff Nurse on a Care of the Elderly ward in a large NHS hospital in North West England.
Before I start, I must say that all the tales I read on here about nurses and carers proactively engaging in sexual activity with patients are pure fantasy. No registered nurse would ever be so unprofessional nor risk their career.
However, it is true that we do experience physical and verbal harassment, both intentionally and unwittingly.
I'm 25 years old, attached and reasonably attractive, but it is the uniform that seems to make men think that they have licence to touch.
Many of my patients have a dementia and are quite disinhibited as a result which can be an excuse, but an equal number just treat me and my colleagues as fair game.
There is rarely a shift that passes without me having my ** groped or my ** pinched while I'm helping out an elderly man. We try and remain calm and good humoured, but it can be infuriating. Yesterday, a cognitively able gentleman, so with no excuse, put his hand up my dress and the leg of my knickers and squeezed my bare ** hard. I reported him to a male charge nurse who had words.
I can be as flirty and fun loving as you like out of work and even on the ward when appropriate, but please respect my profession and that I'm trying to help you.

25 days

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  • One of you wenches ripped the ** hole filled half assed planket off my once and tore the IV clean out my vein the opposite way it was inserted-** off-

  • If you got paid double under the condition that this groping would happen, nothing more, but yeah, would you accept that offer?

  • OP: Double my wages? I'd do ward round naked for a week.

  • Have you ever jerked off a patient??

  • Every nurse I’ve known is crazy **

  • Thats terrible but have you ever thought of how helpless we feel when we a hottie like you. I wish I would get a chance, must have pinned you on the wall and….

  • Yeah whatever, i am gonna life you dress up and lick you curves and flower.

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