A*** and DP Advice

So my girl and I were chatting and she started to tell me how she wanted to try a*** because she read an article about girls that really like it and get into it. I thought why not, I am willing to try it because pleasing my girl turns me on, as long as I am doing the pleasing.

First time we tried, used coconut oil as lube since we did not have anything else. Long story short, her a** was so tight I could not push it in. Yet we tried again another day because she liked the feeling of her a****** being rubbed, this time using actual lube. I still found it tough to get it in her a**. More progress than the last time though, got my d*** in but at a sluggish pace.

I want to try again because she liked it and I said if we can get it to work, I'll DP her with one of those DP harnesses. She got curious upon hearing that yet she keeps saying no cuz she said a*** is too hard and she feels it will hurt after the last experience. Her a****** does not seem to stay open like in p*** so we start from ground zero once I pull my d*** out.

Anyways, now I am set on trying it cuz I know she was curious about it and need to convince her. Maybe I could lube a toy and do it for her and keep it in and maybe that'll help? Then strap on the harness and DP her? Suggestions?
How do you feel about this situation?

Oct 4, 2016

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  • She needs to stretch her bum hole, start off with butt plugs and d***** with a lot of lube keep increasing the size till she can accept comfortably just over your d*** erect length and width it could take a couple of months but take it easy it certainly will be worth it my wife and I have been doing a*** for years it is virtually the only type we do now it is so great we mostly love doggy style but can also go front on

  • I would give it a rest. She is wary right now. Let it pass or it will put her back up. Come back to it in a few months. The way to get women into it is to use a nice smooth narrow vibrator, initially not turned on, while you go down on her.
    Give it a rest, then ask her to try that. Then let that establish before you go anywhere suggesting anything with your member. Ideally she will suggest to try again - if not be prepared it might just be no.
    Good luck. And remember, if it's unpleasant to get it in then you're for sure doing it wrong. It takes a long time to do properly.
    (And it's just as well for her she's not damaged like prossies in p***!)

  • Long time indeed. Crazy how in p*** it looks so easy but I guess there's a lot of behind the scenes prepping before lol. I'll see if she's into it at a later time. Thank you

  • Never done it with a "DP harness" but two c**** are amazing, when its been awhile and i normally start with a small bullet vibrator, then my butt plug till i take a whole d****/vibrator

  • The harness is great for couple not into sharing like us but still want to explore what it's like. One man, his c*** and a d****, completely hands free, you choose which hole you want each one in.

    Butt thx for the advice! Will be looking to see if she's interested.

  • Look it is a pain in the ass, forget it. You can do a gay guy as well, they have the same equipment back there.

  • Butt plug defo will do the trick. Strap on could help, but get one that vibrates

  • Rub coking oil of her hole ul b fine

  • Use various size butt plugs. It'll help her loosen up and Dp for my girl is better than either alone

  • Dped grandaugh age 10

  • F*** who dped her with you lol

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