My education

I think an older girl spoiled me for good. I am a college sophomore and just started that big second year. The girl I was dating graduated and moved back to her home town.
Let me start from the beginning. Last year as a freshman I met a girl. She was a senior and graduating in chemical engineering. She was a little chunky but very pretty and I thought I was out of my league. But we clicked and started going out. Shortlyy into the relationship we had s** and I quickly found out she had a healthy sexual appetite.
Things started getting advanced when one night we were having s**. We had just started when she looked up at me and said "I bet I can get you off in less than a minute"! I replied "no way". She pushed me back and said "winner got anything they want". We both agreed and said "go"! I pushed back into her p***y. She immediately reached around and pushed her finger into my a**h***! OMG, I had never had that before!!! I got off in seconds and she definitely won the bet. I asked her what the heck she did. She explained she just massaged my prostate and told me "guys love it".
As the winner of the bet she ordered me to get on all 4's. She got in her purse and pulled out a small vibrator, maybe 5-6 inches. I got on my With some lube she slid it inside me as she reached underneath and stroked me. It felt great and again I didn't last long!
Several weeks later she invited me to join her for the weekend at a mountain cabin her family owned. It was a 4 hour drive but I didn't have anything better to do. it was pretty secluded, cabins in the area but nothing within sight of each other. It was there I really got my education. We arrived in the early afternoon and she immediately started teasing me by stripping down to a tiny thong and just a t-shirt. We lit a fire and put the groceries away. When I got too h**** she let me bend her over the kitchen table for a minute but didn't let me finish. She pushed me away and led me to living room in front of the fire. She grabbed a carry bag and pulled out some red fancy smooth rope. She tied my hands behind my back and pushed me face down in the couch with my knees on the floor. She tied a loop around each ankle, spread my legs wide and tied it off to furniture. She want back into the bag, pulled out a plastic case and sat it down on the couch beside me. She opened it up to show me. It was a "strap on" rig. A harness and 3 d***** from small like she had used before 6 inches, then 8 inches, then to large at 10 inches. She told me before the night was over I would be "trained properly". And I was. Small was nice but moving up was not easy. There was some crying, screaming, begging and lots of lube. But she eventually made me take 10 inches.
From that point on she "ALWAYS" kept the 8 inch harness and d**** in her bag. One time in a mall she made me go into the parking garage stairwell and take it, another in an afternoon empty movie theater. The only time we got caught was very late one night. We stopped at a highway rest stop. We walked into the wood line and she bent me over a picnic table. As she f***** me in the a** people walked by and even watched. God it was so hot!
She was wild and loved kinky s**. I wasn't always the recipient. She did so many things I fantasized about as well.
I think I am ruined now for normal every day s**. Since her graduation and return home I have tried to really date only one other girl. As soon as she began to get the picture of my sexual needs and desires she ran like h***!! What am I going to do?

Sep 27, 2021

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  • She trained you slowly, you will have to train someone slowly too you s***

  • How do you know that you'll never be together again? She left school, not the planet. You two could end up in the same town after you graduate. That said though, you can teach another girl to like what you like. You'll always have fond memories of this one, but you can use your newly found interests to teach another girl to like what you like.

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