Man juice power

I am a happily married very manly kind of man. A warrior , I am an ex military special forces type of guy. Built , tall , very muscular , a stud , killer , A type personality , take charge and make you my b**** kind of guy. Now that I've established that , I love to suck c***. Not for gay reasons but for power. Certain tribes have practiced this type of empowerment for centuries. Older warriors would help train younger ones for years. Once they reached a certain age and skill set the elders would hold a ceremony and have the younger eat their c**. In theory they believed the older warriors c** contained their experience, cunning and power. Once the younger ingested their c** they received said power . Many of us hard core military types still practice this method. I seek out men who I perceive that are more powerful than myself and suck their life force out. It works. I am a life taking , women f****** stud that walks the earth conquering everything in my sight. Test me. I will skull f*** you then rip out your heart. Real men eat c** from other real men. Study the warriors of Sparta if you doubt.

Oct 4, 2016

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  • I couldn't wait until I arrived home each time from deployment to f*ck my wife or chickie babes. yep I am sure you were in Gayvie Seals.

  • I keep telling my wife that there's power in my c** and she just doesn't seem to believe me.

  • Lol. Whatever b****. After 4 deployments in 3rd ranger batt. I never encountered this. You were in the GAYvie seals?

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