Depression & anxiety

So I have bad depression and anxiety that I've been seeing a doctor for already but today I have a job interview for this job I really did want but my anxiety and depression is having me freaking the ** out questioning if I am good enough or anything to get hired by anyone. I hate feeling this hopeless and not worthy of anything . Someone people say just snap out of it , but they don't understand it's not that simple to do .

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  • Dont worry if u are female let employer know ul b up 4 fun if u male hav a strong drink b4 interview dont go n panicy that would ** of any one

  • I have the same issues. Going to a job interview is enough to make me break out into a heavy sweat. People in general freak me out. Going out of the house is even a major **.

  • It ** so much ..

  • What has me sucking got 2 do with it

  • Not you , depression and anxiety

  • Sometimes you have to have a '** happens' attitude or every little failuer will get you down.

  • Yep, you know who has it rough? A Christian in Syria. But you're the real tragedy. You could have an opportunity to enjoy successful employment. What a ** up world, manoman

  • Here's the advice:

    The more you think about depressions and anxiety, the more it'll make it worse for you.

    Has there ever been a moment in your life when you did something without telling yourself that "I have depression and anxiety. I can't do it or I won't be able to make it?" Don't be your worst enemy.

    At least pretend that you don't have mental disorder, take few deep breathes, and tell yourself you'll be fine. Also tell yourself that even if this doesn't turn out the way I want it is going to be alright and I have many more opportunities out in the world. Someone will give me that chance if one can't.

    Encourage yourself when feeling discourage. I hope this helps and I'm hoping you would at least try and not just read this off and do anything about it. I know someone who has done it and it works. So, at least try. Okay?!

    Take care and good luck. (:

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