My first spanking

I met Lois when I started high school she would take the bus from a few towns away and get off in front of my house we had about 10 blocks to walk to school she was kind of a plain girl tiny 5 ft with a big nose curly hair and huge b**** I loved to look up girl skirts and on the way home one day she brought it up
If I caught you looking up my skirt I'd give you a good hard spanking well that was a dare to me so I grabbed the hem of her skirt and pulled it up I got an instant h****** when I saw her cute pink Barbie pantys
Next thing I know in being pulled over to a log she sits down undoes my belt pulled my pants and underwear down puts me over her knee and spanks me

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  • Seriously? Barbie panties? And she was so bold as to spank you then and there without worrying about getting in trouble? Bull.

  • Bull s***.
    At least come up with a plausable story.

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