My wife is 26 and is a teacher at the local high school. We made a bet and she lost so we don't bet money we bet dares so my dare for her is to wear her normal skirt or dress and to sit on her desk with either see through pantyhose or nothing at all on for one month. That was last Sept. and she wasn't wore panties for the last year under her dresses. She says she loves the way for teenage boys try real hard to see up her dress or skirt. The plus for me is she h**** all the time now.

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  • My hot older sister is a teacher, and, one year, got moved to teach seniors. She was in her late 20s, very fit and hot (still is), and, appeared to be fresh meat for the boys. At my suggestion, she found a way to manage the lusty, hormone-driven boys: make testing or other things a bet, and, in return, give them a little taste of what they wanted. Her body. Just enough to satisfy.

    She pulled a few of the more aggressive boys aside after final bell one day, and made them a deal/bet: No problems in the classroom, they keep the really bad ones under control, and...Pull at least B's on the next few tests, and, she'd invite them to her then-apartment for a bikini photo shoot. They had to meet all goals, or the bet was off. Even on C, or, bad incident, and they'd lose out seeing her in a bikini and taking photos.

    To her surprise (and, principal's delight), there were zero classroom incidents, none of the boys got any less than a B, and the really bad ones (male and female) were surprisingly under control. So, the hot teacher had to make good on the bet deal, and, be a bikini model in her own apartment. I was there for it.

    Four of the boys showed up, didn't mind my being there, while my sister peeled off her short, terrycloth robe to expose her amazing body and 38C's in a black, thong bikini. She even gave them a teasing little dance. The whole night was so hot, and, the boys probably took a few hundred pics of her in various, sometimes p***-style, poses. Some drinking went on, too, but, none of them did any more than grab and kiss her a few times.

    She's done similar bets for a GED course she taught. Only that was less focused on classroom management as it was just getting the students to keep showing up.

  • I want ro relate one incident which was almost the same. After ur marriage we moved to a diffrent city. My wife was found of wearing mini skirts. So she had brought a bag full of skirts. I was never very comfortable to see her dressed that short & hang around in public. But she had taken out a sexy denim minies & wanted to wear it to the night club. 1st I was against it but after repeated request I said ok but under one condition she has to take a dare. I told here will let her kno only when we rch the club. I had a pretty nasty idea on my mind. When we rchd I told her the dare is that she has to dance with me & probably with some of my friends wearing nothing underneath her skirt. She did not want to accept the challenge but after making some funny faces she took the challenge. She was looking stunning hot in that skirt. This was the 1st time she was out with me wearing a minies & can't help myself watching those gorgeous pair of legs shinning in the disco lights. I found that I was not the only one watching those sexy legs but there were few more who were doing the same including some of my friends. I was completely aroused to see that. Luckly there were other ladies also who wore sexy dresses & kept the other men busy. Some of my friends though offered to dance with her. They looked very impressed with her dance step or whatever it was. She had won the challenge I was happy to keep my promises.

  • How do the boys kno she isn't wearing anything underneath. That means some of them were lucky to have a snick through ur sexy wife's treasure chest or may b ur wife handed over the chest key to some lucky ones

  • Thats good news that ur wife stopped wearing any panties & has become h**** but u ever wondered what happens when she sits on her desk wearing nothing under her skirt that too infront of a class full of highschool boys. May be the boys also stopped wearing anything underneath. Its happy surfing time for boys & their sexy juicy miss

  • I wish for that

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