Love Is Propaganda

All we all want is someone that will never love us. The only true love that can exist is unrequited love. Once it is established that two people admire each other, the spark immediately dies and the mystery that was fanning the flames of that love cease to stir. After getting to know the object of your wildest desires, both parties that once felt a strong love for one another no longer feel the need to impress and they both lose interest as each person gradually gives up and begins searching for someone else that will never love them. As soon as we begin to see the real person behind what we idolized we are always let down. That's why I have learned to never give in to those who adore me and I only entertain the idea of temporarily being with those that I feel no deep attraction towards. In this way I am constantly in love and others are constantly in love with me and the love I am speaking of is an eternal love since it will never be tarnished or destroyed through consummation. Many people make the mistake of thinking they have to stay with someone because they once felt an initial attraction which has long since faded. There is nothing worse than settling and regretting half of your life. We should all keep moving on and reserve our deepest loves for those people, places, ideas, and things that could never possibly love us back in the same way that we yearn for them. Some may think this idea is cold and uncaring but it is reality and at least I'm not living a farce and marrying then divorcing multiple partners or raising a dysfunctional family and blindly saying "I Love You" while gritting my teeth then sleeping around with others to get my fix of nonLove. I believe in honesty and honestly there is no such thing as true love in this world unless that which you love does not love you back.

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  • Companionship is more sustainable than romantic passionate love.

  • I can see you have riled some below. I am not upset by what you have said, but I don't entirely agree. I think love is real. I think, for example, the love and bond between a parent and child is very real.

    I think there are certainly long term marriages and relationships that remain loving until death does them part.

    But the reality is, we choose the wrong people, because we don't want to be alone. Of course there is the spark of newness, that overrides our better judgement. Probably if we stepped back and truly evaluated the people, we would realize that they're not the best fit for "forever". We settle, and then we stay even if we're truly not happy. We stay for so many reason. We stay because we feel the other person can't survive without us, for the kids, for the house/mortgage and car payments. We stay due to embarrassment. We stay to avoid an ugly separation.

    But ultimately, resentment will build, and we waste our chance at actually being happy.

  • Wow how could I miss this for so long..All kudos boss fantastic keep rocking

  • Uh huh. 'Scuse me, I'm going to go to bed with my wonderful wife of 13 years. Man I have a great life! :D

  • S**** talk is what it is

  • You are a robot and a sorry excuse for a human being. Stop propagating the propaganda.

  • Wrong! I can tell you for a fact that real love lasts forever. Yup! You're confusing l*** with love. If she love you than she'll understand when you tell her that you need to see a prostitute. FYI, affairs are for losers............

  • Snapped

  • I feel sad for you. But then, every individual is different. Hope you find true love which will fill your life with happiness, and you come out of the above misconceptions.

  • Yes, monogamous couples do get in a routine, comfortable.

    Love is mutual support. Not lying, manipulating someone "beneath you."

    You're a pig.

  • No dude.
    You're a pig.
    Let it go.
    That can be a valid opinion.
    You're just hurt b

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