I refuse to take birth control. I tell him it's because I don't want to take anything synthetic and unnatural. But really, I just want a baby. Even if I'm not out of college yet. I'm jealous of every other 20 year old mother with an infant.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • Your life will completely change... and sometimes it will not be good .

    babies are for life! Not just until they are 18 y/o.

    You life will never be your life again, everything you will ever do will around the baby, for the baby, and to the baby.

    Please think about that BEFORE getting pregnant!

    And do not ever try to trick a man to be a daddy.

  • So, you lie to your partner on a regular basis, sounds like a good way to conduct a relationship before kids even come into the picture.

  • you will have the rest of your life to have a baby
    if you're still in school, then that's not the best environment for a child

    just wait a few years, and you won't regret it!

  • I thought like you once did. I had a baby it's been the hardest most emotional 10 years raising my beautiful daughter I would not advise you to make the same choice without having first hand knowledge of how tough it is. Try volunteering in an orphanedge first but even that will not be full blown experience of raising a child. Think of how selfish it is to bring about a baby when you don't even know if you'll be financially capable for caring for it. By the way what you are feeling is normal, it is an innate female desire to want to produce men have the same feeling as well. Get on birth control and talk about making babies while making love this will ease your desire. The process of making a baby feels great but raising one and having one to trap a guy will hurt everyone! I speak from experience!

  • There are way too many womben like you out there. And everyone is expected to Feel Sorry For You because babby. You're an embarrassment to our gender.

  • You're a r***** seriously why do you want a baby so young?
    those 20 year old moms are miserable!
    they just "look" happy.
    im not a mom but i have other friends who are so thats how i know.

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