For you H.. Want to have you badly

I have this super intelligent and insanely cute girl at my office. I call her H, like Q in James Bond movies. We both are married but I must confess that the very first time I met you I went week in my knees. There is something in you which just make me fall for you. I love everything about you, you smile, the way you stay organized and cheerful at the same time. I know it is wrong but I want to have you every day. I would just love to make you feel the princess of the universe. I so want to lick you all over and hug you and make sweet love to you. Sorry if it sounded completely inappropriate but just wanted to confess. We both love our better halves but I just want to have you without affecting any of our normal lives.

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  • H you are getting prettier each day.. I wish you let me touch you and worship you

  • I wish H you see this post and come me and tell that you also so wanted for it to happen.. Guess love angles are not smiling at me right now.. But will wait

  • HIV fagg0ts are coming...

  • I am sure that girl can be yours if you decide to make it so.
    Just go and get flowers sent to the office for her before Valentines day and in the card state that they are not from her hubby and don't write your name either. Simply say admirer.Wait and see what she says and does. You can base the rest of your actions on that.While at the flower shop,send your wife flowers too so you not feeling guilty.I want you to have this girl by the end of March,2015. There is absolutely no reason you can't and if you don't do it by then,forget it and m********* over her day and night.It is my believe that a married woman a guy desires is much easier to get than a single woman. Best of luck and do not fail me,I will be p*****.I will be reading this post daily looking for your updates, and if you have the desire but not the guts, am willing to couch you to bed this girl.Make this happen ASAP before she loses her desires for you.

  • Thanks very much for the encouragement ??
    I absolutely do not wish to cause any wrinkles in her mind as she is happily married. Not sure if I would ever tell her but if I ever do it I would do it in person, face to face instead of starting as a Secret Admirer. Really not asking for the ways to do it but just wanted to take off my chest.
    Thanks very much though.

  • Well. That was a really beautiful confession. Hope your wife sees this.

  • Don't kill the vibe please.. It's a confession zone not a being judged zone.

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