I hate being around my family, and i hate myself for it. its driving me insane. but the dont know/understand me and they probably never will and theyre never going to make a real attempt because i wonder if theyre even capable. i wish i had never been born into this family. i dont belong with them and they take me for granted.

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  • Chill.
    Don't try to change them. Small talk. Basically nod and agree. Like who cares. Our family all get on OK but we know to just leave peoples beliefs alone. Like one guy is a union member and another person is a rich capitalist. Some are religeous and others are pretty negative about religeon. So at family gatherings, everyone is careful to be really light in the way they talk. At the end of the day, who cares. We are all family and sort of friends and no one is going to really be changed by an angry argument.

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