Why can't it be your fault?

In every argument I end up taking the blame. Usually to end the argument and make everyone happy. Not this argument. I am mad this time. I have been nothing but patient and understanding. Why can't someone apologize to me for once?



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  • Apologizing for things we didn't do or weren't even involved in is a way of making the world work more smoothly. It's not a defect in our personalities or a problem that needs to be fixed. The person we apologize to KNOWS we weren't to blame, so the apology is a simple form of forgiveness, or a means of deflecting the pointless blame game. I've apologized for both the Kennedy assassinations, and I wasn't even born when they occurred. I'm just saying.

  • You are like me. When my wife belittles me in front of others, I apologise on her behalf. When she acuses me of something I apologise. When a few hours later she realises that she was wrong, I apologise. She is the alpha in our house and I am totally weak. I'm depressed and I apologise to her for being depressed. I apologise for not cleaning up after her. I dream that she will hit me physically and I will then apologise for upsetting her. Pretty f***** up hey.

  • U r an ass id giv her kick up the hole

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