Trump is

Such a shameless b****......Canadian healthcare has always been much superior to the states unless ur a rich c*** which most of u aren't so stop supporting this crazy racist a****** who is pretty much out to serve himself and f*** everyone but his rich buddies..... oh and especially if ur a women supporting him u must be dirt stupid read more

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  • Trump is President!! Emigrate now!!!

  • I'm from the UK. Our welfare and healthcare state, is great!! :-)

  • Vote for trump 2017! Whoo!!

  • Your all f***** regardless who u vote for just stay the f*** in the states Canada doesn't want u

  • Oh f*** off you delusional lefty , why do you think the media and corporations are so against him ? Because he can't be bought or bullied.

  • Go wear ur trump hat to a bar see how bad ur ass gets kicked

  • Kill your self you f****** waste of life you don't deserve to even be alive....

  • ... not a cause, but a symptom.

    No healthy society would host this spectacle.

    My guess -- it's Hillary to the Blight House.

    But Trump will still be there, 'leading' a fascistic para-military movement.

    After the 2016 US elections, political decisions will be resolved not in the Halls of Congress, but in the streets.

    And Hillary? Expect war with Russia, China, or both.

    It is coming. You have been told.

  • Umm war shouldn't be an option for any of those parties seeing as how if it happens everyone is dead....

  • You must be another moron millennial? Such a great and prosperous future you idiots have been forging for yourselves since you first elected Obama back in 2008. Okay! Just be damned sure that you losers pay every penny into my social security.................

  • Kill yourself

  • You must be another d****** immoral conservative c*** who can't find your wives c***

  • Trump or Hilary that is the best you guys could come up with out of millions and millions of people and ur the greatest s*** ever eh.

  • Hey dumbass how many trillions of debt are u retards in......

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