Sad one, not any of the above

I honestly don't want to do this s*** anymore I want OUT I don't want this f****** paranoia I hate being ashamed of how I look and act and feel all the f****** time. I want to be more than what I am but I'm so lost in my own f****** pride and anger I can't even ask for help at this point because my own mind won't let me. Idk I don't want to hook or steal or cheat or lie anymore I just want to know who the f*** I am and be who I was before all this but I don't even think that's possible at this point. As Vinnie Paz wisely said,

Is happiness just a word?

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  • Just do it, if you are strong enough to endure what you've been through already, you can do it. Best of luck to you for a better life

  • Go 4 it ur totaly fuckd

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