What do I do?

This guy in my Physics class likes to play Truth or Dare. Since we've been texting, I've mostly chose truth. He was asking really inappropriate questions (no, I will not suck your d***.) and was getting p***** that I wasn't answering Dare, so like a dumbass, I chose dare. The first dare was fine, I just had to send him a picture with my bra on my head (I cheated though - I didn't take the one I was wearing off.). The second one... I have to flash him. I am extremely uncomfortable with the idea of showing him or anyone my b******. I tried to get out of it, but he did all my dares and by his logic that means I have to do all of his.
How do I get out of this?

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  • Grow up .....you are making a way bigger deal out of this than it is

  • Okay, think of this as a scam. A scam on his part. A scam to get you to do things like expose yourself. That's right, he only did those dares to get you to take off your clothes and send photos of it to him. That's all that matters to him. You, as a person mean nothing to him. To him, your only value are right there on your chest. You're being manipulated, controlled, demeaned, harrassed, and you there is no way you should be meek and submissive here, because your life is about two steps from becoming a h***. I'm betting you haven't saved anything he sent, because who needs evidence. Well you do now, so you better start saving every text, take the whole thing to the proper authorities, and shut that pathetic, small boy down. Contrary to what others tell you, life is not that complicated at all. This guy's ruining his life, and he's dragging you down with him. Most people decide they don't want to be a meanie in that situation and let themselves get pulled under. Which is kind of amazing. Things only really go your way when you make them. You should be outraged and never have taken his nonsense in the first place. Now take your life under control.

  • Outraged eh you probably have crappy t*** anyways...

  • Just stop. Pretty simple actully.

  • ^ totally ^. Tell him, "Look, I don't want to play anymore. This game is boring me."

  • We stopped playing and he still wants the picture. And now he's saying he wants to see my face in it.

  • Dont b a spoilsport send ur face and play with p....

  • It's like, what the f*** is stopping you from just stopping. If you are afraid of backlash for 'being a chicken' (which is stupid) then point out that it isn't cowardice to not want to be sexually harassed. If you fear for your safety, go up to your parents, your teacher or anyone; just go tell someone and get someone to walk home with you or pick you up or something. Too many people don't f****** tell people (for some dumbass reason like they don't want to seem 'weak') when they fear for their safety and they get seriously injured. Being called weak or a p**** by some random student in your class who sounds like he doesn't respect anyone is worth it if you avoid bodily harm or potential social outcasting. Whatever you do, don't give him the opportunity to get a photo of any part of your naked body, he seems like the kind of person who would share it around; there is a famous story I that happening and that girl eventually committed suicide.

  • Turn your phone off, he is going to start harassing you now. Sounds like a pushy j*** and not worth your time

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