How to compliment a fat woman

If you are with a BBW who knows that you are attracted to BBWs but she doesn't like being large how do you compliment her without hurting her feelings?

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  • When you like and care about a person, you see beyond outward appearances.

  • Is there a way she smiles that just catches you? Compliment her on that. Something she does that makes you want her. Compliment that. Eyes, hair, skin, clothes, make up. There's always a place for a compliment but good compliments come from the heart.

  • You need to show her you accept her the way she is. Words won't cut it because she'll think they're empty. I like Purple's suggestion that you compliment things like her eyes, hair, soft skin, b******... Once she sees your interest and excitement with her she will eventually relax and accept that you truly do find her sexy.

  • My advice would be..AVOID dating the fat women. Sorry, man..I've had my share of the biggies, and, there's no way around (figuratively and literally) their fatness, and, mostly, uncleanliness. And, they're loud, obnoxious and nasty.

    I'm done with the fatties; You should be, too.

  • On behalf of fat women everywhere - thank you for staying far far away from our giant fat a$$es lol ;) Have a wonderful weekend with your skinny chicks.

  • Agree with the below post if that's the case. If she doesn't like her weight being mentioned at all. Try easing her in with compliments about her smile, eyes, skin... Then move to hands, legs, bum etc

    it's lovely you want to compliment her ☺

  • I assume you're asking how to compliment her body. Just use words that mean attractive without having a size connotation. Call her sexy, hot, sensual, attractive, practically any compliment that tells her she looks good to you. The idea is to tell her she looks good, not that she looks fat. Because even though fat is a good thing to you, it's not to her.

  • I'd start with not calling her fat!!

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