4th of July

I don't celebrate the fourth of July because I wasn't free. #blacklivesmatter



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  • #thisisn'ttwitteryouretard

  • This is just another group with no true issues to protest. Just like today's feminists, and gay groups . The generations before them won everything they asked for but they have to keep the movement alive. Now gays are fighting for "transgender rights" when a few years ago they considered them to be crazy and didn't want anything to do with them. Feminists keep spouting "rape culture" when the fact is cases of sexual assault is way down. So now they scream everything is rape, you practically need a signed consent form with two witnesses if you don't want to be accused of rape.
    And to the black lives matter people when you start burning , looting and destroying property its not a protest, its a riot . If the police won't stand up and stop you, I hope private citizens will start using their right to bear arms and protect themselves and their property from you.

  • Black lives do matter, but yours doesn't you cry bully piece of $hit. Kill yourself please

  • First of all, This is a lie you tell yourself. Everyone alive today was born free.
    Second, Do you realize that you are perpetuating the very thing you supposedly "hate" and are fighting against? Racism is color blind, and doesn't belong just to the white man. By promoting the whole black lives movement, you are proudly promoting racism. All lives matter! Regardless of their skin color. The generations that came before you, fought for what you have today. And you dishonor their sacrifice. The battle for equality has already been won. Wake up to the fact that you have been brainwashed into believing lies, and the rhetoric of lies you tell yourself is what is truly holding you back. And lastly, use your mind and quit wasting time and energy on fruitless endeavours. When what you really want is Revenge, there are no winners.

  • Brilliant! And will be ignored by those who need to hear it the most, of course.

  • Were u in jail?

  • Accept the fact that if u look like a gangsta a cop is going to think ur more likely to shoot at him and will be more likely to shoot first pretty simple.......

  • Hashtags don't work on this site. Just thought you should know.

  • So sick of whiners who most likely get everything for free, and b****. You don't like America get the f*** out

  • You aren't free? you mean someone owns you? I'll tell you this. Your better off where you are than anywhere else on the planet earth.

  • .....jesus.............n******...................

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