Am I too young to be sexual with my boyfriend

I'm 14 and so is my boyfriend, we've been friends for 2 years and confessed feelings around 3 months ago. I thought I wanted to take things kind of slow but I get so h**** around him and he does too. When we were watching anime on his bed he got a b**** and I started rubbing against him with our clothes on. That's not too sexual I don't think but then he pulled out his d*** and masturbated in front of me until he came while we were kissing (I had my clothes on!). He's so sweet and checked on me all the time to make sure I wasn't uncomfortable but I really wasn't and I thought I would be?? That was my first sexual situation I've ever been in so I thought I'd be scared but it wasn't scary at all. That's the most we've been sexual but I really think I want to give him a hand job soon, is it too young to be doing that kind of thing? I would never have intercourse at this age but still I don't know if I should feel guilty about wanting to be more sexual with him

Jan 14, 2021

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  • You’re not too young. You are getting old. You have been able to get pregnant for two years at least. Get pregnant

  • 14 is too damn young to be having s**. If you go against common sense make sure your protected against pregnancy. Remember to make your partner wear a condom. No glove no love. No condom no s**.

  • Too young! Please focus on being a successful kid and find sports. Peace.

  • Oh to be young again.

    Let me give you some motherly advice. Keep yourself a virgin till you get married. I screwed around a LOT when I was young. Then I found the perfect man.

    We were both 25 when we got married. My body count was 79. He never had s** before. It was amazing to be his first but I was well experienced. I knew a lot of tricks as I had been with men from 16 to over 60.

    We had an incredible honey moon. I blew his mind but felt so bad that he saved himself for me and that he was my 80th and my last.

  • First off I just want to say its perfectly natural for you to have these feelings. Its great that you love your boyfriend and enjoy being with him and that you like your first semi-sexual experience, but it can very quickly escalate once you start and you're too young to be having s**. I have never met one girl who didnt regret her first sexual experience at a young age. if you guys love each other than you should wait until you're both legal age and enjoy it when you're mature and ready. That being said their is nothing wrong with touching and a little mutual masturbation. I would just advise you to keep the line there. it seems dumb know, but it ten years you'll be thanking me from the bottom of your heart. Cheers and good luck !

  • Thank you I'll take your advice that's really helpful!

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