So this kid really likes me, but he is 16m, and I am 27f. He keeps trying to make advances on me, but I'm not interested. I don't know what to do.

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  • Do what most women do and make fun of him in public. Most guys can relate to the humiliation, angst and general loathing from a pack of degenerate females amusing themselves at a man's expense. Do it. If he doesn't turn into a shooter he should just slink off and commit suicide. Either way it's not your problem anymore.

  • Some women do, just like some men do.

  • Tell him he's too young for you and that you are only interested in fully grown men. Advise him to get a girlfriend his own age and like the other posters tell him you are flat, not interested in a relationship with him. If he stalks you go to the police.

  • He is a boy. They dont get hints. Trust me I'm a boy. You need to be straight up and tell him. In writing if you need to.

  • Don't engage him. Talking to him, smiling, being nice may be interpreted as though you are flirting and interested. To a 16 year old..you're a challenge....why do you need to be around him at all?

  • Only let him stick the tip in you. Don't let him go any deeper if you arent into him.

  • Seriously!!

  • If you're genuinely not interested, tell him that. Don't make it about his age or yours: make it about the lack of interest.

  • Don't make the mistake of meeting him get in your pants. If you really didn't want to, you wouldn't post that question because you're questioning if you should or you shouldn't.

  • Next time he flirts, just tell him that you're not interested before he thinks you're leading him on.

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