I like Joel, and I have for nearly

I like Joel, and I have for nearly three years, and I think he likes me (*likes* me), but he doesn't say anything when we are around each other, and I don't say anything. You know when you're nervous and you whistle, twiddle your thumbs, hum, or rock back and forth on your heels? I do that when he's near, and I TOTALLY caught him doing it, too! Does this mean I should say something to him? I'm leaving at the end of summer for college, and I want him to know SO BADLY, but I fear rejection more than anything. Please, please help me decide what to do! I have had crushes before, but this has definitely lasted the longest, if it's a crush at all. Maybe it's more...I don't know. Help me, please.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • i've had crushes on guys and i'm like you--the fear of rejection is the worst. but don't let that stop you from persuing your dreams. there will always be someone else you will likely find yourself attracted to if it doesn't work out. i know from experience. i've been rejected by guys i've liked, but i've been able to move on and realize that maybe i just wasn't his type or something. have enough confidence in yourself to be ok with the occasional rejection. it doesn't mean you are not worthy of having love.

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