I have given up

Cockroaches have gotten so bad in my apt. I don't try to kill them anymore. I let them take over. They crawl on in my sleep and wake me up sometimes. This morning there was a big one burrowing in my ear. It got stuck in my ear wax and died. I had to pull it out with tweezers but think its legs or antenna or something is still in my ear. It itches.

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  • Catch a bunch and cook them. Save money and add protien to your diet!

  • It's an apartment - either you own or rent, but since you said apartment and not condo I believe you rent. There must be management. Please approach them about treating your apartment. They must do this. Also, you do need to clean. Seal all food. NEVER Leave standing water. They can live without food but they can't live without water. Seal any and all access points. This includes sealing the access hatches under sinks - kitchen and bathroom. When your drains are not in use please place the drain plugs in them so you deny them access to water. If you have pets don't leave their food out as this is a great source of food for them. You need to clean grease from around the stove and fridge. Please don't live like this. You shouldn't have to.

  • Clean clean clean.
    Rip the bottoms off chairs and vacuum them out. Nowhere to hide and breed.
    Wrap the mattress in plastic.

    Get a roach bomb

  • Stfu I'll s*** on your face

  • Go to home depot or walmart and buy like 10 cans of Raid.

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