Embarrassed myself with girlfriend's mother!

I confess I think my girlfriend's mom is pretty hot. She always catches me looking at her, she doesn't seem to mind but my girlfriend does.

One night, several of us drunk at my gf's house, I came back from the bathroom and noticed her mom's bedroom door a little open. So I walked in and stopped midway in her room. She was watching to in bed and jokingly asked if I had got lost. I drunkardly blurted out that I think she's hot and that she might like this massive beast to fulfill her since her divorce and I dropped my pants in front of her and stood there proudly.

She shuffled to the end of the bed so her face was pretty close to my d***. She looked up at me and said "that little thing wouldn't satisfy a virgin". I looked down and there I was rather proudly waving around a half limp semi without realising it this whole time. She stood up and whispered in my ear, she needs something much bigger to satisfy her glorious mature p****. Her hot breath on my ear, my d*** started twitching and I was getting hard. She said that's a bit more like it. I was now throbbing. Then she gently stroked her finger tip up my d*** and said still not quite big enough. It was too much and I dribbled out a small load of c**. She laughed. I went back to the bathroom to tidy up and left her alone after that. The next morning at breakfast I couldn't even look at her. Embarrassed now!

Apr 9, 2019

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  • I use to wait for my girlfriend's mom to go to bed. I would tell my girlfriend I was going home then I would run around the house and climb up on to the deck which was about 25 feet off the ground which was connected to the master bedroom and a six foot sliding glass door. I could easily see between the loose blinds into the bedroom. I really loved to see my girlfriend's mom get undressed. She has big dark areolas with long nipples and big saggy b****. She has black pubic hair and long hanging l**** between her legs that are so big I could easily see them. She is only 5'3" tall but for some reason she gets me so hard and excited. I stand on the deck looking at her nude and m*********. I've probably left a few gallons of my sperm on the glass door and the deck.

  • So my girlfriend went out with her friends tonight. So I went to her house and had dinner with mom. I took a bottle of wine, we got very flirty. She stroked her foot on my c*** under the dining table a few times. She could feel me getting harder. As she cleared up, I grabbed her ass and squeezed it hard. I kissed her and then before I knew it, I was naked on her bed while she played with my d*** and slowly stripped for me. She tormented me for ages, wouldn't let me f*** her but made me go down on her. Then eventually she gave in and I f***** her good. It probably lasted 5 minutes but felt amazing and lasted for ages in my head. I came so hard, didn't use protection, but she told me she is protected. Then she made me go down on her again so she could o***** too. She sucked me off for a few minutes then we cleaned up and I left. What a night. Don't know what to do with my girlfriend now.


  • Go f*** yourself you silly c***. All true. Including the updates. My gf is 22, I'm 31 and her mom is 43.

  • So another drunken night at my girlfriend's house, except I deliberately don't get that drunk, instead I'm waiting for the moment. I go to the bathroom but divert, hands down my pants to make sure I'm rock hard as I got into my gf's mom's room. She has a smirk, I drop my pants and check that I'm standing oh so proudly to my largest attention. She smiles, climbs out of bed in the shortest of nighties and walks over to me. I'll be honest I got a bit nervous now.

    She then grabs my d*** tightly, and strokes up and down a few times. Then she got on her knees and sucked it for about 2 seconds and stopped. She giggled a bit and then kept on jerking my d***. I was painfully close but trying my best not to be a 10 second shooter. She then lowered her top and I saw her amazing t***, not huge, not small, still pert, dark pink nipples, a little pointy, she angled my d*** to them and I could hold it back any longer, I fired my c** hard at her t***, over and over, it looked like I had emptied my b****. She was amazed. She smiled and love shoe much I came, but she did joke about how quickly she got me to c**. She left me there, pants around my ankles, my d*** getting softer, as she walked off to her private bathroom, she turned round and flashed her p**** at me and closed the door.

    I convinced my girlfriend to get drunk at hers tomorrow night too. Going in for the kill!

  • Holy s***! This is funny as h***. Glad for you that your identity is hidden here.
    You should have rubbed one out before trying to bang her. If you actions were as bold as your words, then you would of had a chance. Now, there will always be a private joke between the two of you. Better learn to laugh at yourself a little. Hey, it may even build sexual tension if played right.

  • Ya gotta get to hittin' it! She wants it! She's waiting!

  • I apologised the next day. She said not to worry, everyone loves a grower! Then she said if I. Going to storm into her room again, at least make sure I'm bulging hard!

    Why?? What will she do??

  • You know what she'll do! WTF are you waiting for??? GO FIND OUT!!

  • 🤡!

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