Should mothers love their children no matter what they do?

In my state, there is a large park where people hike, go biking and camp. One day a woman who was over fifty was on her bicycle and she was accosted by this habitual offender who attempted to orally rape her.

The woman fought back and bit his p**** severely injuring it. The man retaliated by striking her on the head till she released his p**** and he stomped on her body, throat, and face until she died.

Her body was soon discovered by other hikers a bicyclist's and the police were called.

The rapist was a known trouble maker and several people came forward to tell the police that he had been seen in the park.

He was soon arrested and blood was noticeable on the crotch of his pants and he was arrested, tried and convicted of aggravated murder and sentenced to die. We have the death penalty here.

During the trial, his mother tried to defend him saying that he was a mentally sick and that instead of executing him he should be in a mental hospital. The prison psychiatrist said that while he was a psychopath he did know the difference between right and wrong but that he didn't care. He was responsible for his crime.

The judge pointed out to the mother that all five of her sons had committed felony crimes and that perhaps she was in some way responsible since she was their mother.

The woman went berserk. She didn't say anything she just screamed and eventually was sent out fo the courtroom I believe to a psychiatric wing of the local hospital.

I personally never had children but I hope that if I had had them I would want what was right to be done instead of trying to get him spared.

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  • I dont think so. I believe that as a mother if your child has done something like rape or murder you cant just be like "its okay i still love you" no. If you truly love your child you will punish them. Such as when you are a child, if you draw on the walls lets say, you get put in time out. They need to know what is right and wrong. Im not saying they dont deserve love but a parent can only go so far.

  • As a parent, no matter what your child has done you will love them. You won't ever truly believe they are capable of doing anything so horrible and will always fight to defend them.
    A very good friend of mine had a son who raped a girl when he was 14. She hired the best attorney she could and got him off with just a simple assault charge .He paid a fine and got 3 months probation. Years later her daughter told her that her son had started raping her from the time she was 11 until he moved away when she was 15. He moved away because another girl accused him of raping her , she told his mother but never went to the police.
    He is currently serving 10 years for breaking into a 50 year old woman's home and raping her. His mother still thinks all these woman are lying , even her own daughter is making all this up.

  • I always tell my son I will love him unconditionally no matter what, and I tell him if he needs help he should come to me first. I will always have his back. I have to say though if my child was found guilty of such atrocities I would love them somewhere in my heart, but I don't think I could fight for their life/freedom or such. But honestly, who can possibly know how one would react unless you find yourself in this position.

  • The judge may have been onto something. But also I think it is a parents duty to love and support their kids.

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