Cat fishing this guy and don't know how to tell him :(

So let me start at the beginning. A couple years ago, I thought my ex was cheating on me, so I created a fake Facebook account to see if he was, and sure enough, I caught him. Him and "this other girl" (me) started dating and the Facebook profile went from there. He eventually found out and we haven't talked since.

Now... a couple days ago, this guy messaged me on the same Facebook, and we've been talking. I really like him and we have a lot in common, and I don't want it to go on for so long and hurt him. I just don't know how to tell him. He wants to do a video chat so we can talk, and I can't do that without exposing myself, so I want to do it before this happens... any advice? It would be appreciated greatly :(

Oct 16, 2016

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  • I'd be suspicious that it's the ex catfishing you back!!

  • I don't think it is. This guy has pics with his family. Tagged in pics from profiles that definitely aren't fake, and all the pics and info line up. A friend of mine (that I actually know, not with the catfish profile) knows his mom

  • What's cat fishing?

  • Using someones pictures that isn't you to talk to someone

  • I'm confused.. the account that you're using is "this other girl"? And this new guy contacted you on this "other girl" account? How are you so sure that this guy isn't catfishing you? 1. If you have this alt account, delete it. 2. Before this goes any farther with this new guy..just come clean and whatever happens happens..

  • Yes, yes. And I'm sure. The pics and info line up, pics with friends and family on his profile, and pics with family and friends on their profiles as well. Shortly after posting this, I came clean and he said he needed some time to think about it. We've only been talking a couple days, so it isn't going to be as bad a reaction as it'd have been if I dragged it out longer than this.

  • Good for coming clean and being honest. It's up to him now. He knows how to contact you. From now on, just be you. If someone doesn't like you because of what you look like or whatever, it's their loss.

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