This website is full of lies and sexual fantasies

It's heartbreaking to read this stuff. People wasting their lives. Some people need to turn off their computers.

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  • The only thing that's heartbreaking is reading your lame confession on here. Please turn off your computer.

  • True- but most of the confessions are true. And I have had so much helpful advice and support from this website.

  • Dumbasssss

  • Once again this happens over and over you f****** ppl criticize the very thing you are doing by posting this..

  • Most of the stories and confessions are not sexual in nature.

  • That is so hot.

  • And people should care what you think why exactly,?.....

  • You don't have to come here. You don't have to read this. You don't have to have heartbreak.

  • I agree.

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