This website is full of lies and sexual fantasies

It's heartbreaking to read this stuff. People wasting their lives. Some people need to turn off their computers.

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  • Pay no attention to the mewlings of the emotionally inferior. They love to misuse this place and turn it into a dump, but when sensible people dare to exercise THEIR freedom of speech, the whining and crying start up.

    Settle down, children. OP has just as much right-- and is ethically correct-- to call you on your stupid $hit. We know you hang out here instead of in the real world because you can't handle dealing with actual adult humans, but we're here too. We can't escape you, you can't escape us.

    Accept your lowly place in life.

  • The only thing that's heartbreaking is reading your lame confession on here. Please turn off your computer.

  • True- but most of the confessions are true. And I have had so much helpful advice and support from this website.

  • Dumbasssss

  • Once again this happens over and over you f****** ppl criticize the very thing you are doing by posting this..

  • Most of the stories and confessions are not sexual in nature.

  • That is so hot.

  • And people should care what you think why exactly,?.....

  • You don't have to come here. You don't have to read this. You don't have to have heartbreak.

  • I agree.

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