The other man

I've been having an affair from since before I was married. I met Danny when he was friends with my bf Paul, and like most other stories one drunken night we hooked up. And since then we have continued to hookup. I am now married to Paul with 2 kids, and still great friends with Danny's family and wife. We see each other almost every other day our kids hang out, we travel on vacation together. I have a great relationship with my husband and the s** is great too, but I find myself wanting Danny even more sexually. When we are alone it's like he's my husband, hugs and kisses, holding hands. Our significant other trust us so mush that we have gone out alone together. I honestly couldn't be happier, I have great kids, great job, and the relationship between Paul & Danny is unreal. It's been 14 years since this started, and 20 years that we've known each other. I started a private photo album to look back. I haven't told anyone about this, but I just wanted to share how happy I am, no reason to share sexual details. Thanks for listening or reading


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  • Enjoy your life. Seems like you're happy and it's not interfering with your family life. Who said one person can totally fill all someone's needs.

  • At least tell him soon if he's not f****** someone else he can start

  • Happy fantasizing but check your husband darling for sure he is hooking up with someone else too and that is the most devastating reality you are standing into.
    Please have a reality check .

  • I bet they trust you because they have a thing in the side as well.

  • Exactly !

  • Talk to your husband about the idea of polygamy.

  • You've been playing with a lit stick of dynamite for 14 years and the lesson you seem to have taken from that experience is that the fuse is faulty or the dynamite isn't dangerous or won't harm you, rather than that you're now 14 years closer to the dynamite exploding. You know this is going to end. And you know it's going to end badly. Intellectually, emotionally, spiritually, the two of you will reach the end of the fuse and all of these lives are going to be irreparably damaged. Forever. Yes, of course, you're both happy. For now. How could you not be? You've been living in denial of that lit stick of dynamite. But you know you need to stop doing that. The weather changes. Luck changes. Life intervenes. You need to end this. Now. Before something truly ugly (and, perhaps, eleven-o'clock-newsworthy) happens. Wake up and smell the coffee.

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