I'm attracted to my 14 year old Step daughter

When I first met my step daughter she was an annoying little 8 year old. I never have much thought about how she looked. Then when she turned 12 I started to recognize how she was growing up and started to think about her in inappropriate ways. I hated myself for it and tried to advoid her, feeling embarrassed for my thoughts. Now she's 14, very attractive and we started to get along great, mainly cause she wants a better relationship with me since her real dad is absent from her life. Now, we get along super great and one day I confessed to her how I feel. She was cool with it and hasn't backed away knowing I find her attractive. Did I do the right thing by telling her my feelings?


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  • You are a sick disgusting person. I am commenting because I saw this on my husband's phone. Divorce is definitely in the near future. He has been confronted with the truth. And cried like a coward he is. If this turns you on seek help. You are a pedophile and s** addict. Any man looking in here should just leave their partner before they cause irreparable damage to the child. You are all disgusting.

  • Please you just jealous you fat pig!!!

  • I say just go for it full throttle and enjoy

  • Dirty old man. You'll be in jail soon enough. It's inevitable.

  • I give mine a real shafting whenever her mum is not around. She's 11 and loves it.

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  • I sleep with my daughters also. Their 9, 11 and allmost 13...

  • Im same. My stepdaughter is eleven and have being haveing s** since shes nine. She has the tightest little hairless p**** and sweet ass. Still allmost flat chested with little bumps on her chest. She loves me licking her out and giveing me bjs and wanking me off. I can cumm in her still has not had her periods. Shes adoreable..

  • 11 is a great age to open up her young p****

  • I opened my daughter's slit when she was nine. She's 12 now and expects me to ram my rod up her whenever her mum's not around, which thankfully is quite often as she works shifts. Her bald, tight poke-hole can't get enough of my thick, warm juice. She also sucks it out of me with that sweet little mouth of hers, and goes crazy when I bring her off sucking her sensitive love-button.

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  • There is nothing wrong with a bit of dad and daughter bonding brings you closer to gether .

  • I wish my dad and I had bonded this way with him licking my p****, sucking on my t***, and later f****** me. I touch myself all the time thinking about it. Thoughts about my daddy make me wet.

  • Wow,I wish I could of been your daddy.i would of taught you many wonderful things

  • Are you there. I have three daughters under thirteen. You want too share stories. Love preteen and young teen p****...

  • I want to share stories

  • Agreed..

  • No you did the wrong thing!

  • Old enough to bleed old enough to seed.

  • I seeded mine when she was 14, and she had my baby when she was 15. To protect us both, she claimed the father was a man she'd met on the common and had not seen since.

  • Mines 14 now,how do I begin??

  • Wish I knew...mines 13 and only reason I haven't is because I'm afraid she'll tell a friend

  • Nice..

  • You're old enough to bleed and seed up your ass!

  • Disgusting

  • Let her taste your white sauce

  • Let you taste your blood, when your face is pounded!

  • Be reminded. Teenage girls don't keep secrets. They have to talk. They have to tell someone or heck anyone. Like an affair your only one person away from getting found out. She's tells even one person your that much closer to a major sh.it storm.

  • ^This^ is absolutely and totally true. You cannot assume that there is anything even remotely resembling a secret between the two of you. It WILL get out, regardless of how harmful or malign.

  • Shut up you idiot

  • GFY, loser!

  • Stop deflecting, it's unhealthy!

  • Stop molesting. It's against the law.

  • Stop making assumptions, it conveys your stupidity.

  • S*** her. S*** her rotten.

  • ^Agreed^. It would be good for her and good for you.

  • Let me get this straight, you're married to your stepdaughter's mother and probably f***** her good and proper, now you're l****** after your wife's daughter which is a child, and you've known her since she was even younger, then you confessed your feelings to this child and you're asking us (strangers) whether you've done the right think or not?!? Are you serious?! Do you realise how tapped you are?

    You're a disgusting, creepy and dysfunctional pedo!

  • Stop judging. You had to put an addition on your house just to have enough closets for your skeletons.

  • Stop judging, everyone has skeletons in their closets - including yourself!

  • Pot, kettle and black lol :)

  • Are those you dog's names, Mr. B*********?

  • Dumbass

  • My gawd, another dirtball that only knows how to put labels on someone which is always shows their hand as a liberal.. They don't even have the intelligence to know "pedo" is not a legitimate word with any meaning ; only to spew their foolish cackling on about something they know nothing about.

  • Lol Anything you state on this website is foolish and irrelevant, so I'm neither concerned or surprised by your garbage :-)

  • Of course you're not concerned. Very few rapists are ever concerned.

  • You should know, you're one of them. Shame on you!

  • Why should I be concerned?

  • Wrong person

  • Wrong person.

  • Wrong person again

  • No you didn't! If you don't realise why, you're f***** up!

  • Look, at this point in her vulnerable pubescent years, her thoughts & feelings are manifesting into what will be her personality as a woman. It's 2017 & we're in a newer social arena as well as era thus ; disregard most of this old fashioned, 20th century advice. Morals took the 2:14 decades ago, [although inapplicable] incest is mainstream & children are [more] developed psychologically now than ever before due to everyday occurrences & news that young ears were previously shielded from. That stated, they also know how to act like everything is cool, when psychologically, it may not be. i.e. how you proceed regarding this personal issue contributes in a large way to how her mind is molded as an adult woman.
    At all costs, this must be hidden from her mother, or you are toast.

    She doesn't see her real dad, is okay with your feelings toward her & desires a better relationship with you ; however how much better?? She's had time to mull over it however It's difficult to give further advice when one doesn't know her genuine feelings toward you. She may even have a "crush" on you now however one doesn't really know.

    Now look, your thoughts of her are natural & should in no way be deemed inappropriate. Nor should you feel embarrassed. times have changed & anyone with a brain has evolved to knowing that men are emotional beings too & have feelings that affect or persuade their actions as well.
    You were not emotionally weak in any way by revealing your intense feelings for her TO her. Rather, that was intelligent. Everything is relative ; children now comprehend what were once thought of as adult issues.

  • ^Troll.

  • Yup. Total.

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  • I don't think you should have told her. Your duty is to be her father. Someone she can rely on to look after her. To trust. To cry with. To protect her. Now she's going to be feeling guilty inside

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  • Yup. total

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  • Proceed with caution, you don't want this getting out of hand. I know it's hard not to think with your d***, but if you can't contain it, you're bound to get your ass in trouble. You get too comfortable with your feelings before you know it, you're going even further. I don't know the situation 100% but remember, curiosity killed the cat.

  • Others will disagree (many already have: below), but I think you DID do the right thing.......so long as you do not act on the feelings until she's legal. That will be hard to do, VERY HARD, but it can be done. It's going to be painful when she starts dating, and you see her leaving the house, and you know somebody else is going to be getting what you love and want and need, and you can't have it yet. When she comes home after being on a date, after being had, and you can see it in her eyes, and smell it on her. That is going to be heartbreaking for you. Hopefully she isn't mean spirited and won't rub your nose in it, just to make you h****, or make you break your resolve, or make you crazy for her. But just imagine -- as I'm sure you already have -- that first time the two of you are together as a couple. It will be wonderful, beautiful, perfect. It will be love. True love. Good luck to you.

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  • Yup. total.

  • You did the wrong thing. Maybe you can't help your attraction for her but unless your an emotional weakling you can sure keep those feelings to yourself.

  • Troll.

  • Yup, total.

  • She needs you as a parent, not another h**** guy. Straighten up.

  • ^ Troll

  • Yup, total

  • ^Best advice possible^. Follow it.

  • No.

  • My stepdaughter is 14 now,I started recording her take showers when she was 12.my God she has grown.she has the most sexy body.her t*** are so nice and perky and she has such a wonderful p****.i know I'm gonna f*** her one day,I'm just waiting for the perfect time.i wait for her to shower so I can sniff the panties she just took off.she has the most sweetest p**** smell it's just waiting for the first encounter with a big d***.and who better then her daddy...she's at the stage in her life where she's starting to dress a little sexier. When she wears her sweat pants around the house,I cant stop looking at her sweet little camel toe.her joggers grip her little young p**** so perfectly.im extremely hard just writing this.please,any feed back on my post???

  • I wish I could smell her panties.

  • Yep

  • Wtf

  • I love young girls. Budding b****** are such a turn on.

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