Perverted Prophet

I used to work in a large city with a large gay population. As for myself, I am as straight as a heterosexual man can be but I did have a friendship with a flamer of a gay man. My friend liked to throw parties and he invited straight and gay guests alike. I

I used to enjoy these parties but I did get embarrassed by one thing. My friend would get stinking drunk and have loud nasty gay s** with whatever fruitcake that was in the room with him.

After one fo these sessions I said to him the next day that while his gay lifestyle was none of my business I felt it was my duty as a friend to warn him he could catch aids and other std's
. I suggested he drink less and better still since he was an alcoholic he might want to quit altogether.

He failed to heed my advice and three years later he had aids and two years later he was dead.

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  • Why do you call him a prophet?

  • I would have no issue with this confession if it wasn't for your liberal and annoying use of derogatory terms for gay men. I am a straight female for the record. You just sound ignorant and homophobic when you use terms like "flaming" and "fruitcake", even if you're not.

  • Well you have a point and perhaps I should have refrained from using those terms but for the record they use those terms to describe themselves often. Its like using the N word with a black friend who also uses it.

  • They may use it, but you probably should not.

  • I have some gay male friends but would NEVER have s** with them ever.

  • Good for you boo boo. Feel better? Now everyone here knows how straight your anon a$$ is.

  • ^^^^^ aw my nickname is boo boo lol

  • Who is everyone

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