My younger sister bullies me

This is extremely embarassing to admit but I am a 16 yr old guy and my sister is 12. She has always been a tomboy and athletic playin sports and stuff and i've always been kinda a geek. I used to tease her a lot lig most big bros do. But in the last year she grew so much and is so strong she constnatly picks on me and calls me names. I am 5'6'' tall and she is 5'8" tall now she calls me her little brother. We arm wrestle and she always beats me. she is athletic i call her a tomboy and a d*** and she gets mad and calls me a sissy and a wimp and slaps me. She says she getting back for all the time i picked on her. what can i do? im too embarased to tell my mom who will only take her side anyway. She is spoiled she only 12 but she acts older and she prob gonna try to beat me up one day. she calls me names and mocks me in front of her friends and mine calling me names. i really think i am a wimp but how can i hit a girl even a bratty little sister? she will prob kick my ass. im scared she gonna grow more and i wont. help!

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  • Start hitting the gym so you can beat her at arm wrestling. If that is what you want to do.

  • My son and I are under my wife and daughters thumb. Both of them boss us around.

  • Soon as her body starts to develop..You'll get your revenge. Probably often. Going to show her what a woman's body is used for.

  • Most brothers knock the s*** out of their sisters from time to time. What's holding you back?

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