I spy on my sister and brother in law.

My sister and brother in law are both busy professionals and I always kind of thought they had a boring s** life, My sister is 37, her husband 40 and I am 28, I recently got divorced and moved in with my sister and her husband, I decided to go back to school and finish my degree after getting divorced and my sister offered to let me stay with them while I got back on my feet.
My brother in law is a great guy, treats my sister like gold but whenever I am there he spends most of his time in the garage until I moved in and now since I stay in the "Mother in law suite" above his detached garage/mancave I think he just doesn't want to bother me which I feel bad about and have told him lots that I don't mind and it wont bother me if he is making noise downstairs, He has a couple old cars and a bunch of old Harleys he works on all the time but as soon as I come in he cleans up and heads in the house.
the upstairs of the garage is amazing really, two separate bedrooms, Small living room, Bathroom and a eat in style kitchenette, His garage is bigger than my house was and is more of a showroom than a garage and the upstairs was used for storing all of my brother in laws crap my sister didn't want in the house like all of his hunting and fishing stuff but still, I can't thank them enough for letting me live here.
Anyway, a couple months ago I was laying in bed and from my bed with the bathroom door open I could see lightning through the frosted glass, I love watching lightning and love sleeping to the sound of thunder but my bedroom window faces the other way so I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom and opened the window, I was standing there watching the lightning not even realizing that the bathroom window faces the back of their house but as soon as their bedroom light came on I realized that it looks right down into their bedroom window.
The first time I was about to close the window and walk away but...just as I was about to close the window I saw my brother in law who is a good looking guy with a decent build for a 40 year old walked up to the bed in just his underwear, I stopped and checked him out a little bit but didn't think much of it, I left the window open and went to bed watching the lightning flash through the window from my bed, The very next night I went out to the garage, Said goodnight to my brother in law and went upstairs, I had a shower and when I got out I went to close the bathroom window and not even thinking about it I looked down at their room and at just that moment saw my sister flop down on the bed like she had been pushed or something, I decide to wait a second to see what was going on and oops!!!!!, She sat up and my brother in law stepped up to her buck naked, I was a bit shocked at first but couldn't not take a peek and got to see his...package, It was kind of weird since it was my sister but I watched them until they turned off the lights and since that night have learned that they actually have a very active s** life, At least once, Sometimes even twice a week.
I kind of feel like a perv watching them but he is actually pretty nice to watch, I have learned that my sister is a bit of a freak in the bedroom and that he is quite a bit ...bigger than I thought he would be, He is a tall, well built guy but I was actually kind of caught off guard the first time I seen it, It is um...Impressive, Now I know how they ended up with three kids LOL.


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  • This is actually kind of cute in an odd way. haha

  • Have fun. I never thought my parents had s** until one time I came home from uni to find them alone in the house and he was spanking her (in a consentual way). So there is a lot more going on out there than we think

  • Lol, enjoy the show!

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