My sister in law

Neither my sister in law or I have ever told my wife that before my wife and I got married her sister and I had a one night stand. I was 28 and divorced and my sister in law was 35 and married. Her husband was out of town and she and I ended up at a party at a friends house. She got a little tipsy and I offered her a ride home. One thing led to another when we got to her house and we had s** until almost sun up. My sister in law has almost let it slip a time or two in conversations but we have managed to keep this secret for 27 years now.


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  • ^^ If your lover cheats on you... you rather not know right? Idiot.

  • what she doesn't know won't hurt her


  • Judge not, and thou shalt not be judged, Matthew 7.... Or did you forget that part of the bible?

  • It will come out eventually. Everything always does. You should be honest, it will make you much happier.

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