Better person when high

That I am a chronic pot head and I am a better person for it. I have a great family (3 kids and great wife), but I have suffered from chronic depression since I was 10 years old. I've been on many different types of anti-depressants, went through therapy, etc. but nothing worked. Suicidal ideation was an everyday thing. Then I met my wife and had a bunch of kids thinking that a strong family unit would help me defeat the depression. Naïve really. Anyway, starting in my early 20s I realised that cannabis pretty well stopped any of the immediate acute symptoms (not chronic symptoms), and pot is just fun. I don't get paranoid or the munchies; I just get happy. For years I battled guilt over using around my kids, and the fear of having my kids taken from me should I be arrested, I finally decided to have an edible when I get home from work (roughly 60mg THC worth). Well, I must say that my relationship with my wife and kids is so much better than before, and this helps with the depression. Looking forward to Canada-wide legalization; no more hiding, no more fear.

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  • The status quo is retarded people just can't handle the idea of something other than alchohol or cigs getting them f***** up even if pot is wayyyyyyyyy less harmful if at all.

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