My sisters

Every time my sister takes a shower I sneak into her room and sniff her fresh dirty panties. I've even found a d**** a few times and sucked that clean. It's so much better masturbating with her panties and also not matter what I'm doing if I hear her take someone in hear room I stand near the wall and w*** while listening to her have s**. Is anyone else attracted to their sisters this much?

Oct 19, 2016


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  • You are a good brother. I love my stepdaughters panties too. Your sister will eventually find out. Like my stepdaughter did. It's a good thing. My stepdaughter told all of her friends. Every body knows how much I love her panties. It's so cool.

  • Don't hide it. It's better that she knows. Trust me. I was scared at first too. But I am so happy that she knows. Do the right thing. Tell her.

  • Yes i l*** for my teen sister i steal here lingerie and bate with it. I want her to catch me

  • Like to chat abt it

  • I once sniffed my sis thong it smelled like s*** dude I began choking in yhe bathroom

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