Sister fantasy

Even since I was 15 (now 17), I've been wearing my sister's underwear (she's younger by 2 years). I stuff the bras with socks (18dd) and i put some of her panties on and I j******* into them, I've even cummed into them and left them for her to see. Sometimes when I'm home alone with her, I try to hear her from her room to try to hear if she's masturbating. The fantasy is that I want her to be asleep on the couch next to me and I want to play with her and f*** her while she's asleep. I don't know what to do, I've sometimes taken pictures of her when she's asleep with a dress on and I can see her panties then I j******* to them. Please help me. What should I do?



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  • My younger cousin wanted me to "massage" her when she was even younger, and I'm much older. I didn't want to at first, but eventually we started our routine almost every night. We stopped after she started dating, but she and I don't talk about our nights together. She does like talking about s** and masturbation with me alone like she did when she was much younger, still.

  • How old were you guys at the start?

  • Spike her with sleeping pills then slide her knickers off an c** inside them then put them back on her πŸ‘…

  • She is a deep sleeper and when we were home alone watching netflix i got so h**** and i touched her. luckly she didnt wake up

  • My little cousin was young and curious, and she used "Netflix nights" with me in her bed as an easy transition for us to have fun together without anyone knowing. She loved how my touch would excite her at that age, and I definitely was getting off, too. She'd pretend that she was "asleep" once we started each night, but she was definitely not sleeping, because her o****** were visibly intense.

  • How old was she?

  • Your just h****. Go find a girl to f*** you'll be ok.

  • Should have f***** her by now

  • I really want to.

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