Husband was inappropriate

My husband is a huge Chicago Cubs fan, and we had a couple of his friends over to watch the game last night. They all got pretty drunk, which was fine. After the game, my husband said, "Am I going to get a celebratory bj?" I replied, somewhat jokingly, "Sure, I'll give you one later, dear." He then said, "How about right now?" and unzipped himself right there in front of everybody.

I didn't have a problem with the bj suggestion, but that he pulled it out in front of people was mortifying. I know he was drunk, but I think he actually wanted me to give him head in front of his friends. That was crazy.

We talked about it today, and he apologized, but I don't think he gets how inappropriate he was. I told him that our s** life is not for "show" and that I don't roll that way, but he thinks I'm totally making too much out of it. It has both of us pretty upset.

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  • He crossed the line. I not sure you can trust him around anyone once he’s drinking. I know if he said that in front of me I would have laid into his ass. Have some respect for yourself, yourvwife and your friends. I would have expected an apology

  • If you were so taken back by his behavior, maybe you shouldn't have made that comment. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen. Quit trying to change men, change youself.

  • Not all men are pigs like her husband.
    And she isn't trying to change "all men!" Her husband is "one man" not "all men!"

  • I would have done it.

  • Each to their own.

  • Just blow all his friends.

  • Her husband should, blow all his friends.

  • Don't let kim have s** for 6 weeks and f he masturbates, the clock restarts. Step up girl and take command.

  • You women think you are in command. Lemme tell you something, we men always have the last laugh. We will ALWAYS find p****. Always. And you'll never know about it. You all never learn. You're so focused on being the selfish individuals you are (and women ONLY care about themselves), that you totally fail to even try to understand men.

    Men always have the last laugh. Always have. Always will.

  • You don't know every single woman on earth! So don't assume, the majority of women are the same!!

    Stop being a walking and talking; stereotypical, chauvinistic, stupid ass!!

    And stop referring to yourself, as "we" the men. You're one man! Every man on earth is different! You aren't an advocate and spokesman for the male collective, you fool! One man's opinion and gender, doesn't account for the majority of men! It's not a gender related, It's an individual matter, you ignorant, foolish ass!

    And, some women are lesbians. So desire p**** and not c****!! Just because a woman is a woman, doesn't determine her sexual preference is a man and it doesn't determine, she's heterosexual. Just like you being a man and a stupid f***, doesn't determine, all men are stupid f****!!

  • Perfect recipe right here to make your man look for other p****.

  • Perfect recipe right then, to make his wife look for other c**** to play with!!

  • Yeah if you would have given him head in front of his friends chances are he would have been trying to get you to do them as well. Its funny how people lose their inhibitions when drinking then when they sober up its a different story. Think of the argument you would be having now had you sucked them all.

  • There wouldn't be an argument if she sucked them all off. Because if she did it, she most likely wanted to and made that conscious decision, to do it.

    And if she didn't want to and was forced/pressured to do it, an argument would not ensue. However, reporting it to the police, would.

  • Depends on how obedient you are.

    If you are a good submissive obedient wife you will give him a b******* where and when he wants it. Especially good to be able to show you off to his mates.

  • If he was a good, respectful husband,
    he wouldn't of disrespected and degraded his wife like that.

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