Wife bought me a new present

Wife tonight bought me a plastic p**** extender that I put on my willy to make it bigger feel a bit inadequate but we both know I'm small 4 half inches, only problem is I can't c** when it's on and can't feel her wet p**** but I suppose I last a lot longer.

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  • My wife controls my o******. I am what is known as a submissive husband and she only lets me o***** about once every month to three months. There is a lot of tease inbetween. She also uses pain to distract me. She will grip my rock hard p**** and dig her fingernails in. So nice. We have a p**** tube so that when she wants me inside her that it dulls the sensations so I do not loose control and c** without her permission.

  • Your a sweet guy, some girls just prefer a larger size.

  • An escort I see makes me wear one out for humiliation, a fat 10 inch black one. she actually enjoys s** when I wear it as opposed to f****** for a living. She makes me lick and suck it clean after though, she's a proper dom.

  • Well yes it does work had s** for 28 mins last night but I didn't feel anything as it fits over my manhood she seem to enjoy it and I was 8 inches which I've never been and will never be she did w*** me off after as she was pretty tired .........think they are very good for women wanting big size to satisfy them

  • F*** her with it and let us know how it goes. I may get one for my husband.

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