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Me and my husband have been very up and down recently but i have been trying to make him feel loved by giving him kisses and cuddles but I get brushed off and get a pec on the lips if I am lucky. Anyway we went out out for the first time in almost 3 years (dont class my birthday drinks as going out out as we were back at hotel before 1 am and that was after walking from the town to hotel iin heals) we went out drinking and dancing which was fine but he hardly spoke to me and kept slapping a couple of his work friends ass's (we were ment to be out celebrating his new job still doing what he wants just closer and better for the future) I just felt a bit of a spare part probably partly due to me putting on some weight but I have been bigger and he loved then but it has been a week since we had s** (which is not long I know) and a few days since we have even been able to cuddle properly. I have talked to him about what he did on the night out and how insecure it made me feel but I just got sorry wont happen again but we have been here before when the cleaner said he had smacked her ass with a wet tea towel and now I just feel like I going round in circles and even more insecure. I just feel so low and lost.

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  • Don't be so h****** yourself. Perhaps he's just being a show off to his new friends, etc. You must have had something going for you in the past because he married you. Have you guys had any kind of issues in the bed room such as him asking you to do something you're not comfortable doing?

  • They not new friends they his now old work friends as he moved to a different work place and had a few issues as in him damaging a part called frenulum from him thrusting to hard and me being so tight I have never said no to anything he has suggested but he has said no to a few things I suggested and i was fine with him about it. I doubt this makes much of a difference but we have a child together and had been recently tryin for another one but we have not conceived and we decided while he settled into the new place of work we would not try

  • Will h*** isn't it every guys dream to have a woman that's nice and tight?! He should be happy with what he's got! What did you suggest that he said no to?

  • Being a little rough like spanking and tie up and I wanted him to dress in an outfit not a sissy outfit a sexy butler outfit as I had dressed up for him

  • That's very mild stuff. Did you want to tie him up or tie you up? When my wife and I first explored bondage we started VERY slowly working our way into it. First a strap around one leg, then another, etc. until we progressed to a point where she felt comfortable with being tied up, blind folded and filled with s** toys while I teased her until she begged for it. It's GREAT fun. The thing to do is go slow though.

    Spanking is one we just can't seem to do. For some reason when we try it we both just bust out laughing. I can't spank her ass without laughing for some reason.

    I don't get the not wanting to play dress up. I'd do that in a heartbeat. It's always fun pretending you're someone else. Good luck. I hope you guys work things out. You wrote "I just feel so low and so lost." Don't give up! It's not your fault. Some men are insecure in that if you suggest something that's different it hurts their feelings because they aren't man enough to satisfy your desires with with what they are doing already. (Yes we mean are very weird like that). Hold your head high and don't feel down. What two consenting adults do in the privacy of their own home is private and perfectly acceptable.

    I'll be your butler. How may I be of service to you ma'am?

  • If you're insecure do something about it workout and f*** more and better it's really simple there's lots of info on both subjects you have the internet

  • A week is a long time to not have s** if it's a healthy thing it would be daily

  • A week not that long I have waited longer for him before

  • Its obvious that the other women have a better ass ..

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