I'm so scared

My boyfriend is so mean to me. I try so hard to make him happy but he's always mad. The first time he hit me it was for talking to a male friend about our relationship. I didn't have anything negative to say at that point. So far he's beaten me two more times. I have bruises all over. I don't have anywhere else to go. I have no one else. He's grabbed a knife before and threatened to slice my throat. He mocks me when I cry. I'm scared for my life..

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  • Email me let's talk about how to get you out of there president2k5@icloud.com

  • No one has the right to hit you.

    It isn't enough to leave this disgusting oinker. He will find, attack and victimize another woman. She won't deserve this any more than you.

    This is assault, and it is a crime. Go to the police now. Send him to the slammer.

  • If u stay with him it's ur fault.....

  • Dummy

  • He'll never change. Quit dating him. Break up over the phone and if he touches you again file charges against him. Don't tell this to us tell the police.

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