They wanted to see the waterheads

I was with my cousin whom I was visiting and we were walking around town and one of my cousin,s friends suggested that they scale a wall and "look at the water heads".

I was the oldest one and I said that we had better not do that because we might get in trouble for trespassing.

They decided to do it anyway and I told them I would wait till they got back as I personally had no intention of going over the wall.

I waited and I waited and after about half an hour I saw the police drive into the building.

I left thinking that the boys had gotten themselves into trouble and boy was I right.

The owners of the house had pulled guns on my cousin and his friends and were holding them for the police. Before the cops got there the angry men had threatened to shoot the boys and when my cousin looked at the guy who said that the guy told him to look away or he might just gun him down then and there. My cousin turned away and the guy kicked him in his calf muscle breaking the skin and deeply bruising him.

The police took them to the station and called their parents who got them out of jail. They had to pay a fine and the kids were given probation on breaking and entering charges.

I told my cousin's mother my Aunt what happened and I was not faulted in any way.

In other words I dodged the bullet.

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  • I want to see a waterhead!

  • Whats a water head?

  • Hydroencephaly

  • Well done.

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