Watched my her get spit roasted

I am a man of 38 divorced and have been dating this woman who has two daughters, my girlfriend was staying round mine last friday night and late at night watching a film the dvd player died on us and rather than watching the rest of the film on my laptop my girlfriend surgested i go back to hers and grab hers, she didnt want to come as she said that nobody was at her as her youngest was with her father and the oldest was on a girls night out, so i took her keys and left.
arrived at her and went in the back way through the kitchen to notice the living room light on but while walking through i stopped to hear moaning and groaning, i reckonised the sounds of s** and thought the oldest daughter (who is 18) must be her and her boyfriend maybe? i didnt think she had one, curiousity got the better of me and i peeped through the gap in the door as it was half open.
to my shock i saw her on all fours on the sofa with two large guys ether end of her, spit roasting her hard, i mean i have watched less hardcore p*** than that, they were spanking her, pulling her hair, calling her a w**** and from what and little i could see of her she was moaning and groaning louder and louder obviously loving every minite of it, my c*** got hard as i watched for a min or two and then i pulled away asbthey changed posistions, lucky they were now all facing away as she was then sat on the edge sofa with her one guy inbetween her legs and the other stradderling her obviously with his d*** inbetween her b**** or/and her sucking him off, i stood watching again with a raging hardon.
i called it pretty soon after that and quietly left as i didnt want to get caught but on the drive back i kept remembering all the little details,
her heels waving in the air as one the guys pounded into her,
the slap of skin as they f***** her, the rips in her stockings,
the sound her yelp and groan as they f***** her,
the spit and drool dripping from her mouth as the guy c*** pimped in and out of her mouth
her moans "f*** me please"
i wished i had stayed to watch till the end, anyway i got home after panicing on what to say about no dvd player and turns out my girlfriend had other ideas, she had set candles out with wine and had even dressed up in stocking and suspenders for me too, as you can imagine i was very much up for it and gave her the best s** she had in years (her words) 3 times aswell
all while imagining and remembering her dirty 18 year old daughter getting spit roasted

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  • What was she wearing?

  • It was dark but what i could see was her shiny black heels and stocking

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