My girlfriend has a secret

We have all had fantasies that at some stage in our lives we could have never shared with anyone. A natural fear of judgment and hypothetical concerns of what others might think of us grips hold and forces us to shut our deep truths deep down in our minds...
until a quiet moment alone welcomes you once again and that taboo thought crosses your mind .. and you welcome it.
Easing your h**** lustful thoughts quietly into your mind at first, and then carrying over a burning curiosity that is so devilishly deviant that a full blown indulgence takes over you and your dirty little taboo thoughts drive you all the way to primal pleasure just like every other night before.

They have been with you for a long now.. your nasty thoughts...guarded by you like a whisper to the wind. Your deepest darkest fantasies are deep rooted at childhood, young teenagers who begin to develop sexual interest do so privately and shyly, late at night at home alone in bed obviously -where Mom and Dad are in the next room and at this time in your life they represent the only sexually mature and experienced man and women that we know within our fast changing, very curious little worlds.

Sexual curiosity that encompasses the promiscuity of s** and it’s overwhelming ability to captivate even then most busy and chaotic of minds, like mine as boy, holds fast. I’d go from Ghostbusters to sneaky “toilet” breaks to w*** myself off in a unassailable fit after seeing t*** in a movie or even on the odd occasion of hearing my parents having s**. At first I would freeze after confirming to myself that i had in fact heard what i thought I had heard. It would always take a couple of seconds to sink in alongside my sinking heart, first gripped by inexperienced fear of the unknown, but within a few seconds my young little willy would be hard.

Growing up indulging in these fantasies from a early age, and even earlier for young women, has in many ways led to a walk along the tight rope of sexual deviancy, balancing our sexual desires with our, now adult, sexual needs often never speaking of these things with anyone, and that was the case with me...until I met her, my ex girlfriend, I’ll call her Carmen.*

We met in our mid twenties and wasted no time f****** each other’s brains out for about a year straight whithout ever really connecting with one another on a mental sexual level. What sparked the beginning of our sexual shift was a girls night out that I most obviously and readily excluded from.
I stayed home playing games or watching movies I’m not sure, but i did intend on staying up to let my love in after her night out, and I also looked forward to the crazy drunk s** we would have when she got home. every time Carms would go out with her friends she would come home so f****** h**** with her dripping wet little p****. Her purple Gstring would get absolutely soaked which turned me on so much it instantly made my c*** get nice and hard... the combination of a wet little ready p**** and the subtle scent of her dried sweat from dancing the night c*** is throbbing right now just speaking of it.
That night was different though.. something was different... Carms was different. Despite how tipsy wasted and out of it she was she did immediately tell me that she and the girls had all taken ecstasy that night. It was apparent, Carms was sluring and her eyes rolling about jaw going crazy..she was rolling all right.
She was high and drunk, slurs and slight tumbles were the norm as I led her to our bedroom at the end of then passage.
As we made our way she began removing her boots and jacket along with some to what clothing but nothing too revealing that would kill the climax- she always knew how to do that perfectly- kept me wanting more and not just ripping off all her clothes for me, she expected her man to take control once in the room and completely submissive as she always was.
Carms loved being controlled and dominated hard and rough so that she could do absolutely nothing but just hopelessly and completely submit and offer herself as a slave to c***.
And she was an excellent little c*** sucking slave, she f****** loved to suck c***, she really did..and I have still never met anyone that can suck a d*** like her, but what made it hot was also the fact that she really did love to suck a c*** .she would even at times be on her haunches with her vibrator I bought her pushed up hard against her c*** while she gagged and struggled her mouth and throat all over my c***...f****** deepthroating as she sprayed from her p**** moaning and yelling with my c*** pushed so deep in her throat you couldn’t make out anything she was c*** still gets so hard when I think back to the eager deepthroating
I hadn’t even shoved my hard c*** in her p**** yet and she was spraying almost uncontrollably while i stood there watching in awe at my c*** sucking squirting queen.
She had always been the best at sucking c*** even when she was sober, but this night high and drunk on ecstasy she had turned into an animal and I didn’t stop her. I f***** loved the feeling I got from making her so uncontrollably h****, I felt so manly while I stood there, my c*** so big and thick watching her slurp and gag all over me, her, my c***, the floor. It was just beautiful mess with her eyes rolling while she gagged.
It was obvious that she was way out of it and had said a couple of strange things I guess, but she was high, and I knew that and she was also loving every second with me as her c*** master.
That’s when something happened.. that I won’t the time shocked me to the bone, Carmy pulled my c*** out her mouth, drool and spit running down the side of her face and dripping off my thick c*** which was still firmly in her hand at this point...she took a breath exhale slowly, swallowed a little to clear her throat it seemed, and then as she focused her eyes and looked straight up at me for a second just before her eyes started to loose focus and start rolling again she looked me dead in the eye groaned slightly and then said out loud and clear “ ahah my f*** Daddy.. I love sucking your c*** like this for you” there was a few seconds hanger shock silence, before she quickly added “we just cant let mommy find out that Ive been sucking on your big d*** okay daddy?!” she continued to gag and struggle on my never before been that hard d*** while i stood perplexed... Carmens Dad was a good man who i respect dearly and could not make sense of what I had just witnessed...but at the same time...the way Carmy verbalised everything Out loud and the way she was still sucking and spraying bits here and bits there from her vibrated abused p**** while muttering a groaned “daaaaadddy” Inbetween p**** sprays.... I’ll be lying if I said I wasn’t f****** turned on by it all. I was weirded out too but it almost like I didn’t care she was feeling so I was also feeling so good.

I didn’t give it much thought as I passed out Almost immediately after blowing my load all over little Carmys professional c*** sucking mouth and face.

The next day was weird though...i couldn’t help but think of Carmen potentially,
Maybe, just maybe, actually having sucked her dad like that before l, only because she was so turned on in that moment that she actually sprayed while calling me daddy, pretending to have her actual fathers c*** in her mouth making her spray so much.

I asked her about it that day and she opened up and admitted that she had fantasied thousands of times about sucking her dads d*** ever since she was a really young little girl after she accidentally walked in on and witnessed her mother giving her dad head as a child. She told me
how her parents hadn’t realised that she had opened the bedroom door meaning *Gen (Carmen’s mother) continued sucking *Johns c*** while young Carmy stood and watched.

She explained that after that day she wanted to suck a d*** so badly, and when she finally did, she closed her eyes and imagined that she was sucking her daddy’s c***...she also admitted that most times when she had been sucking me off, there were thoughts of John there and she didn’t know what was wrong with her..but asked me to please never tell anyone. I told her that weirdly enough it turned me on too. And I haven’t said anything to anyone ,it’s still a secret and in fact we continued dating for a couple more years after that and our s** life increased 10 x in potency if I’m honest. It got to the point where I would f*** her and dirty daddy talk like “ that’s daddy’s good little girl” in her ear making here spray everywhere eveytime it was f****** hot!
Every time she sucked my c*** that she would call me daddy and thank her daddy for letting her “practice” how to suck.

I know its weird but it turned me on and it still does when I think about it

Aug 25, 2020

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