Jackasses disguised as good guys

I give up on love! Just when you think he's good, he turns out to be a ** whose only intentions are to get into her pants, and if you don't give it up, he'll find it elsewhere. That so called kind gentleman, is a heartbreaking **!

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  • Here's the problem with that. Women go for bad boys and when bad boys do what bad boys do they get their feelings hurt. Good boys don't do what you just got through saying men do but you never date good guys because you find them boring.

    Women have three choices, a boring good guy, a hot to trot bad boy or they can do without men.

  • Reading is fundamental....you need to reread the title. Smh

  • What? this guys comment is relevant and who the ** cares if youre shaking your head....

  • Congratulations you have figured out how men act. Now you need to learn the ultimate secret. You have the ** therefore you have the power. You need to learn how to use that power.

  • Been there and agree. My second marriage lasted 6 months before he was pursuing someone else.

  • My ex-wife pursued other men and was open with it.

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