I am in love with you

All i can say is.... Ilove you I love you and my friends dont see why they tell me i should give up but i love you and im not going to give up :)

Dec 23, 2010

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  • Well Sunshine, I have a different take on this. Love isn't that hard. If you are at the point where you need to declare you won't give up, the ship has probably sailed. All you have left to do is try to swim in the Jell-O of that failed relationship. Either your lover is a major loser, walking all over you, treating you like ** while keeping his/her life on the same destructive course or he/she has dumped you and you're in the early stages of stalkerville. Under either scenario, please do give up. Find someone who does not push you to the point of declaring you will not give up. True love should happen without denial, and Sunshine you're deep in denial. :(

  • Yeah its not as bad as you think he just likes a different girl i mean i wont give up because he did like me before he found out my age which is only 2 yrs younger than his but i wont give up becuz he is the only thing ive wanted this bad ive had boyfriends before and ive loved them but i mean like ive never felt this way about any guy before and i know what you mean but im trying to be better im not to great with the whole flirting thing so i talk to him as a friend

  • Be patient then. You're both young and hardly setting up lifetime commitments. Don't try to mess with his current relationship. Let that play out because you'll probably lose him forever if you come across as stalker chick. Focus on finding a guy you think you could like. Build something with that person, or at least try. If you're meant to be with that other guy it will happen eventually.

  • hang in there sunshine, never give up!!

  • Thanks :) im trying not to but its hard when the guy you like likes a girl and you guys are "just friends"

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