Say Nothing

They say that in a successful marriage that you should talk about everything.
The sad thing is that my wife seems to have a issue with discussing
S**, short skirts, corsets, spanking, har styles, lipstick, oh and s**.
Basically if it has anything to do with intimacy then bring it up f**** the conversation. The atmospehere get tense.

Oct 30, 2016

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  • I like f******, always have and always will!! My man of eight years is happy and so am I :-) Sorry your wife is frigid

  • My wife talks non-stop outside of the bedroom and is virtually mute in the bedroom. Sometimes I wish those were reversed. I love sexy talk in the bedroom.

  • 20 years of mariage she's just added and added to the do not discuss list. Originally she was ok

  • Women's libidos do lower with time. But s** and intimacy are still very important in a marriage. Of course, there will be things you are into that she is not, but it sounds like she is shutdown. What's going on with her? Is she depressed? Has she gained weight? Aside from s**, are you two still connecting? Strongly suggest couples counseling if you two aren't able to work this out on your own.

  • Not gained weight. I agree shut down to a degree. Distanced herself. No longer turned on by me. I'd say less connection. We had conselling but that ended with a separation. I have distain for the counsellor and went out talking to several other cousellors and interestingly none of them consider facilitating getting back together as a part of what they do. I was shocked.

  • That is shocking. Are you two still separated? Or have you reconciled? People do change, relationships change, goals change. It's work. You always have to be working on the relationship because you are tested all the time. But there are ways to work your way back to one another, if you both are open to doing so. What was her greatest complaint? Because from your post, it sounds like you two are living together but she's not into s** or anything requiring her to get close to you. So what exactly is she thinking? Does she even want to work this out?

  • How was she brought up to view s**?

  • You didn't know this about her when you were dating?

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