The shame

I take pride in promoting myself as a strong independant single 26yo woman, fighting for equality for my gender. i am an active feminist my views in the past has even cost a few relationships but i always believed i was doing the right thing,
only...i have a secret or two...about 6 months ago i met this guy in a bar and he was totel pig and i told him so, he wouldnt give up, although very attractive, later on in the wvening he found me again and came on to me and i let him, we went back to his that night and he used me as his play thing dominating me and i loved it, we meet regulary now for s** and just s**, he calls me his submissive s*** and i give in to his orders in a second, performing oral s** on him on demand, dressing up like his w****, letting him enter me from behind at his wish, whats worse is that hes married with a stay at home wife,
i have even performed oral s** on him while he has been on the phone to his wife!
everything i though was wrong and digusting with the male s** and i have joined and added to the problem, i cant break the hold he has over me, no man has ever controlled me like this

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  • A sjw hypocrite. No, I just cant believe it. NO I SAY


  • You are just a S***, so am I just enjoy yourself I do no guilt just pleasure, oral vaginally and a***, I love it all. Sara x

  • You can break the power, you believe he has on you! You choose not to, because you enjoy him overpowering and dominating you! Simple as! So f*** off with your white!

  • You should post more about what he does to you

  • By "letting him enter me from behind at his wish", do you mean doggy style or a***?
    And why do you add "at wish"? Don't you usually do that?

  • Both, doggy style and a***, and no before i always thought doggy style was degrading

  • You should write more and in detail how he uses you and why you are now do submissive to him dominating you .. if you want we can chat elsewhere cuz I'd to learn from your experiences and help you to understand your feelings as he continues to use you .. I wonder Der nodes he shares you yet with his friends at least?

  • So your first time ever doing a*** was with this guy?

  • Today's feminists are just angry, crazy women that hate straight men, either because they don't get attention from them or god forbid the guy actually does look at them . News flash if you push your t*** up so high they are falling out of your top or wear short skirts or legging that hug your ass like a second skin showing everything off ,men will look, its what straight men are attracted too.No that doesn't mean they want to rape you. Rant over!
    Now if being used like a w**** gets you off go with it . Don't let other people tell you how you should act or what should make you feel good especially when it comes to s**. A lot of women secretly enjoy being submissive in the bedroom.It doesn't mean you are giving up your equality in everyday life.

  • I'm sick of labels to categorize society and compartmentalize everyone, into what the government/law want us to be! I'm all for social order, but not this slavery system!

  • IDK if that means you agree with the person you responded to or not. But one thing I will say, this kind of thing is not just the government/law being pushy. The government doesn't reach into mommies' wombs and turn people into angry feminists or male pigs, that's a****** people raising a****** children. The law doesn't make you a narcissistic "activist" or a bigot, that's peasants with small minds using their mouths more than their brains.

  • Sure feels like it though

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